Who we are ?

ADAD Malore – The Organization of Agriculture Development in Mountainous Regions located in Tirana originates from Organization of Agriculture Development Dibber – ADAD Dibber established in 1996 from a group of producers in Diber. The incentive for the creation of the Organization ADAD has been the humanitarian and developing program initiated by the Friendship Association France-Albania in 1994 which also involved Agricultural Chamber of Haute – Provence and FERT- Paris, who supported ADAD Malore with agricultural development programs in the next years.

In twenty years, ADAD Malore has invested in the establishment of several services in order to fulfill member’s needs mainly in the fruit-growing sector.

  • Technical assistance and formation for its members and other actors;
  • Raising and adapting technical references in fruit-growing sector (cultivars, technology) and making this references available in the national level (books, brochures, training modules and websites);
  • Support for individual and joint projects (nurseries, orchards, cold storage rooms, processing lines etc.), assistance in mobilization public means, agriculture programs in local, national and European level ( MADA, Primal, SARED, USAID/DAI, UNDP, IPA-IPARD, ETC)
  • Structuring producers into groups with other value chain actors (producers, collectors, processors etc.), formal and informal groups (24 groups of which 10 formal)
  • Consultation with public institutions and other relevant actors, round tables, thematic workshops, expertize and recommendations


  • Assist members in developing income generating activities.
  • Representation in local, national and international level (in all levels of public and private structures)
  • Protecting the interests of its members and beyond (with formal and informal structures)

Proposing power and professional partner at local, national and international level.



12345Main products by regions


Korça   Production and export of apple, agrotourism
Dibra    Cherry and fruits processing (apple juice and dried plums)
Kukës   Plums and medicinal plants dhe bime medicinale
Shkodër Pomegranate and medicinal plants