Our references

FERT and ADAD Malore have raised and shared references and have established the basis of the new technology for orchards in Albania, by anticipating the current development of fruit-growing in the country. ADAD Malore has about 450 ha of apple or around 8% of total area in national level. From 350 ha of intensive apple orchards in national level, ADAD Malore disposes about 80% of the total.



  • Zemblak Nursery, Shkelqim Mullalli
  • Production of seedlings for 9 different fruit varieties, where 90% are apples;
  • The Zemblak nursery has the exclusivity for new apple varieties Gala and Fuji ;
  • Qualitative apple seedlings certified by ESHFF

Apple orchard in in axis form with high density (2250-3000 trees/ha)



  • Ferdinand Ali Dvoran,
  • Engjell Dervishi, Fation Dede -Cangonj
  • Adriatik Becolli, Urim Gegolli – Vranisht
  • Tahir&Adrian Zaimi, Verlne
  • Adrian Pasha, Ilir Cenolli, Sybi Spaho Bilisht,



Cold storage rooms

    • Adriatik Becolli and  Blerim Becolli                    Vranisht
    • Rakip Musa, Engjell Dervishi and Henrik Mati     Cangonj
    • “Alifrut” Dvoran and Pajtim Kumbulla                 Dvoran


Diber Pemetore:

Diber 2014Vehip Salkurti and  Bilbil Zebi

TominMedin Kryemadhi, Hekuran Dyfeku       Greve






Kop Frut 2012”

Has installed an apple juice production line with capacity 1 ton apple per hour ;

Annual production is more than 1,000 litters of apple juice ;

Apple juice of high quality certified with ISO 22000

Cold storage room “Kop Frut 2012” with capacity  500 ton


KazaFrut” Diber 2008

Has inveted in plum drying machinery with capacity 8 ton

wet plum in a day or 7 quintals dried plum in a day;

Annual production of dried plu mis more than 20 tons



Orchards with apple, walnuts, and hazelnuts

  • Muharrem Dibra Zaharisht apple, hezelnuts
  • Avni Qerkezi Tregtan             apple


  • Osman Gostima Tregan              Apple orchard


  • Abdulla Budlla Apple orchard


  • Lulzim Molla Apple orchard
  • Enver Guri Apple orchard