Our structures

Membership – General assembly (GA)

In ADAD Malore adhere about 600 members structured in 24 producers groups based on their activities and location in Kukës, Dibër, Korçë and Shkodër. General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the organization and is directed by the President of the organization which is a farmer.

Administrative Council (AC);

CA is the executive body that manages the activity of the Organization and is led by the Chairman/President of the Organization.  CA consists of 11 people who represent producers groups and their regions. They have important activities in producing, storage processing and trade of fruits, cereals and vegetables.

Technical staff:

ADAD Malore has a professional and experienced technical team build with the help of FERT, this team assist farmers in their activities makes the generalization of best domestic and foreign practices. The technical team has the right competencies and logistics to accompany the activities of producers that will also develop agriculture, agro-tourism and rural areas.

ADAD Malore has a technical team of 8 persons led by the Executive Director. ADD head office is located in Tirana, two local offices in Korca and Has and two specialist in Dibra and Kukës. The team is completed with 5 fruit-growing specialist and 3 employees for coordination, finance and communication (see the organizational chart). For specific aspects ADAD involves specialist from Agricultural University of Tirana. (See the organizational chart).

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Membership in ADAD Malore

  • In ADAD Malore adheres about 600 members structured in 24 producers groups, where 10 groups are formal and the rest informal?
  • In formal groups are 25% of the members who have invested in economic activities such as nurseries, production, storage, processing and trading of fruits.
  • In informal groups are the majority of members or 75 %, organized in groups of orchards based on the regions. They are organized to solve issues of technical assistance, inputs, market etc.
  • Below you may find a summary of the above mentioned figures:

captureADAD Malore has a sustainable and dynamic development in the growing number of members and their group structure, orchards surfaces growth especially those with high density, production and processing of fruit. Members of ADAD Malore have also invested in cold rooms, agro-processing, etc