Our Services

  1. Raising and sharing technical-economic references


  • New technology in production, cultivation forms, new cultivars, chemical thinning technique, feeding, phytosanitary protection etc.
  • Techniques of harvest and storage in cold rooms etc.


  • Evolution of fruit-growing and cultivation forms
  • Market study of consumer preferences for fruit products.
  • Development of the agricultural sector, fruit growing, agro-tourism and rural development.

Creation of references;

  • New orchards, cold rooms, processing, marketing, collaborative producers – SHBB
  • Transfer the best domestic and foreign experiences, organization, production, market.


  • Analyses, informing, (actuality, production, market, agriculture policies) sharing;
  • Publication of brochures, leaflets, books, bulletins, studies etc.
  1. Techno-economical advices, support of initiatives and support for members of organization and beyond.

–          Technical advices to producers in fruit-growing, vegetables and cereals.
–          Projects support – individual and joint initiatives/projects.
–          Formations and exchanges of producers and specialists
–          Expertise – domestic and foreign expertise on postharvest technology.
–          Mediation of producers, and groups with other actors.

III. Sectorial and territory development (structuring actors at territorial and value chain level)

–          Structuring producers into groups,formal and informal by topics and regions
–          Organization of forums – for different value chains with regional and national actors (FF Korçe)
–          New alternatives for rural development, tourism, handicraft, medicinal plants etc.
–          Professional trainings for new smallholders.
–          Promotion bio production for apple, potato and promoting environmental friendly activities

  1. Lobbying for producers interests, representation of proposing power
  • Organization of round tables about topics and territories with partners and interested actors (public and private).
  • Reinforcement of Consultative Committee for the fruit-growing value chain etc.
  • Creating alliances with other organizations in order to lobby for protecting the common interests.
  • Assistance for smallholders in order to protect and evaluate their products (territorial card, logo, marketing in order to penetrate local and national markets).
  • Inclusion in joint actions and programs with public institutions (AUT, ATTCs, DBs,) and other structures such as ARBOMED.