Our Method

Mobilization of initiatives; Contacts with individuals, hearing and establishing contants with others facing the same problems, having the same ideas, or solution method – switching from individual to group ideas. Considering proposals on the basis of a concrete analysis, developed plan of actions that are implemented by a joint commitment.

Innovation; Equipping producers and specialists with new concepts, organization of producers for solving some of their functions as input supply, technical advice, market etc. Establishment and dissemination of technical references regarding production, processing and market.

Facilitation/accompanying: Facilitation of monitoring of the process by ADAD and FERT teams from the identification until the determination of the action plan. For every action there is a program for implementing comprising the entire process from the production to the market, the tools used, negotiating with partners etc.

Coordination of actors: Representation of ADAD Malore as an important actor in agricultural development, coordination of work with programs and institutions. Initiation of round tables, forums and joint committees for the development of the fruit-growing value chain, and other sectors.