Other Species

Production of wheat seed – Dibër 

Cereals group (Kaza) sow 20 ha with wheat and have raised the value chain of production of wheat seed nationally, ADAD Malore has played the role of inter-mediator by setting the relationship between Kaza Group and two French companies respectively Force Lemaigrain for variety Apache and Florimond Desprez for variety Soissons. Every year the basic seed is imported from France (1st generation) and multiplied in Dibra.

ADD Malore together with the Albanian Entity of Seeds and Seedlings has tested 33 new varieties of French wheat, and 4 are registered in the Albanian catalog. Every year over 500 ha are planted with varieties Soissons and Apache over 1,000 farmers/year benefit, who takes a production of about 70-80 tones /ha, or 2-3 tons more than domestic varieties. We assist Kaza group for seed production and 1,000 farmers to sow Soissons and Apache seeds.

Vegetables – Dibër 

The group has 25 people, 24 ha of vegetables and annual output of 300 tons vegetables. Group deals mainly with the production of cabbage, leeks, onion and tomato in the open field and in solar greenhouses. Six members of the group have at their disposal 3 solar greenhouses with a surface of 1500m2 for combined production of seedlings and vegetables. They produce over 50 thousand vegetable seedlings per year.

Farmers have tested tomato, cabbage, cucumber and pepper seeds, and have defined the best seeds, that offer good yields, high efficiency and qualitative production. By using selected seeds and technology used, they have increased yield by 20-25% in tomato, cabbage, cucumber. They collaborate to make joint sales on the free market in Peshkopi. They have good access to the market of Peshkopi, mainly for cabbage, onions, leeks, etc. In the last two years they succeed to export over 100 tons of cabbage in Greece and Hungary. ADAD assists them for selecting seeds, cultivation technology and market.

Organic potatoes – Voskopojë

In 2012, four producers were organized in the group of the producers of organic potato. They have planted 2 ha and produced 500 quintal certified by “Albinspekt”. For this certified production is also produced the organic label with the logo “Voskopoja”, which is traded to a higher price.

This initiative is not only a qualitative initiative, but also an activity for the future, because not only tourist but even domestic consumers are increasingly oriented toward qualitative local products. This activity evaluates the product of this territory. The group already has a recognized experience in the production of organic potato in Voskopoja and is assisted by ADAD for technology and market