OPCA   Report for the period 1 January – 30 June 2016

 Production and sharing of technical-economic references

1.1. Tests/experiments

Two tests on new varieties and chemical thinning. After testing 35 new varieties, we have registered 2 new varieties in Albanian catalog, Gala and Fuji. This would allow producers to plant orchards with new varieties and benefit from government support schemes or other programs.

1.2 Creating references

Seventeen farmers have planted 17 new orchards or 9.5 ha. Twelve new orchards of 7.3 ha are planted with apple with new technology with density 2400-3000 plants/ha, with 4 new varieties. 4 cherry orchard with axis form, with new varieties and 1.8 ha area. One Pomegranate orchard of 0.4 ha with two autochthonous varieties Divedeshe and Tivaresha.

1.3 Sharing references

Three technical leaflets (winter pruning, chemical thinning of apple and green pruning). References may be found at ADAD Malore website.

  1. Advice, assistance and support of group members

 2.1 Technical assistance

We have hired new staff, 1 specialist in Tirana and 2 specialist in Kukes and Has. We do follow with technical assistance more than 500 farmers in Korca, Dibra and Kukes.

 2.2 Formations/exchanges

We have three formations for 24 groups for about 700 farmers. One formation with each leader of the groups in Korca, Kukes and Has. Two other formations in Tirana with specialists of ADAD Malore. Formation of Ergent Pire in Sarajevo regarding the influence of junior professionals in policy making.

 2.3 Expertise

2 expertises: for the new technology in fruit-growing, participated more than 320 people for the organization of the fruit-growing value chain.

  1. Project development for the groups

 3.1 Development of individual and joint projects

Six projects for new orchards have applied to SARED for orchards that are planted. Four projects for planting of December and 1 project for cold room. SARED contracts to increase capacity in the value chain of nut fruit for 2016-2017. Two contracts with UNDP on 4 groups of women in Korce and Vlore. Contract with LEI Institute for the implementation of the ESFIM project in Albania/Kukes.

3.2 Development of projects and other programs

Two projects in four groups in Korca and Vlore for economic empowerment of women groups: assistance to bring in the market twelve handicraft products.

 Value chain and territorial development

Four meetings with ten actors in Korca for the organization of Fruit-growing forum in Korca.. Establishment of FFK Korce. One products soap with olive oil for two groups of vlora and four handicraft products for to groups in Korca.

  1. Protecting the farmers interest and representation

Meeting with fruit-growing KKP with MARDWA. Participation in two Commissions by MARDWA. Participation in ABROMED and representative of MARDWA.