Korçë; 11-15 July 2016; SARED

Training for eight groups (CD) Korce on “green pruning and crown formation in apple tree”, with the participation of the expert Dr. Hafuz Domi. Training was performed in the field and the aim of the training was to increase knowledge and application of green pruning, the importance and the effect it has on orchards in production, especially when they have outbreaks and for the formation of the crown of the tree in new orchards. After explaining the theoretical part the expert demonstrated practically green pruning technique, by involving farmers and specialists to practice green pruning in tree. It is applied in orchards with new and extensive forms of cultivation. This process is necessary because the tree increases the quality and quantity of production in apples. At these meetings were present more than 200 farmers and specilaistët of DB and ATTC Korca. In response to interest expressed by farmers, Hafuz Domi accompanied by facilitators and Specialists in the DB has conducted visits to 35 orchards.