Important Dates

1994The intervention of FERT and Agricultural chamber PACA in Kalaja e Dodës, agriculture program “Drini”
1996 Establishment of the Organization of Agriculture Development in Dibër – ADAD
1999Expansion of activity in the region of Dibra, ADAD opened an office in Peshkopi and the staff consisted of 2 people.
2001Expansion of ADAD in Korça and Kukës (The program Mountainous Initiative) IM.
2005ADAD – important partner in assisting actors of Voskopoja in the drafting and implementation of strategic plan toward sustainable development of                                  Voskopoja.
2012OPCA Program – an initiative toward organization of producers and coordination of actors for the development of the value chain and territorial                                       development.
2015Development of 10 years strategy of ADAD Malore 2015-2025.