ADAD has 18 groups in fruit-growing which is the main activity of ADD Malore. There are 445 ha of orchards, 270 ha are with new technologies. The main species are: apple that occupies about 90% of fruit trees, plums, cherries, pomegranates, nuts etc. ADAD supported by FERT and other actors has established the basis for intensive cultivation of fruit trees.

Testing, innovation, creating models, vocational training for producers and specialists and knowledge transfer to other producers constitutes our success in this sector. In all three regions Korca, Dibra and Kukes, groups have their specialist, which directly assists with them with field visits; provide information, makes individual and group meetings. Groups have received vocational training, exchange of experiences, have applied new techniques in apple, services have improved and have increased productivity and quality of fruits. Farmers have invested in increasing the surface, improving the technology, construction of DHF, agro-processing and market.

Fruit-growing – groups

Nursery group in Zemblak – production and sale of fruit seedlings Zemblak, Korçë.

It is a formal group established in 2003, has 14 members, leader of the group is Shkelqim Mullali, the group has 6 ha Nursery and produces over 100 thousand seedlings per year, for 9 fruit species where 90% are apple seedlings.

 The cooperative; ShBB “alifrut” Korçë – production – storage – Marketing – sale of fruits

There are 8 members and the President is Ferdinand Ali. The farm was established in 1993; today the coooperative “alifrut” owns 12 ha of orchard, produces apple over 100 ton/year. Has a DHF with the volume 500 tons for storage and marketing of fruits.

 Kop Frut Diber 2012 production and processing of fruits – Tomin, Diber

Has 4 members and the president is Salkurti Vehip, was founded in 2012, disposes 8 ha of orchard, produces over 150 ton of fruits, has DHF volume of 500 tons and apple processing line with capacity of 10 quintals/hour.

Agroprocessing; “Kaza Frut Diber 2008” Shumbat, Dibër

Has 4 members with the President Albert Kaza, established in 2008 and has 2 ha of orchard, produces about 120 ton of fruits/year, has DHF volume of 50 ton, the groups has a plum processing line with a capacity of 2.8 tons of plum/day.

 Orchard groups in Korça:

The region of Korca has 8 groups with orchards (Bilisht, Vranisht, Cangonjë, Zemblak Zvezda, Zvirinë, Dvoran-Polene, Qafzez), their disposes 210 ha orchards, the apple yield 50-60 tons/ha, annual production 5,500 tons of fruit, 8 cold rooms with storing capacity of 1200 tons, 1,200 tons/year, they export to Egypt, Kosovo, Greece, etc.

Orchard groups in Dibra:

The region of Dibra has 3 groups with orchards (Greve, Tomin, and Kastriot), possess 145 ha orchard, and yield of apple 35-50 t /ha, annual fruit production of 5,500 ton, 4 cold rooms with storage capacity of 750 tons.

 Orchard groups in Kukes;

The regon of Kukes has 2 groups with orchards (Krume, Fajzë and Kukes), their disposes 45 ha orchards, apple yield is around 25-30 t/ ha, annual fruit production 150 ton.