Completed programs/projects

OPCA 1 – 2012-2015

The OPCA project (Organization of Producers and Actors Dialogue). Strengthening the value chain of arboriculture (technology transfer, project assistance, collaboration with other actors), supported by FERT.

OPCA is implemented during 2012-2015, and the project has raised technical-economic and organizational references. To be mentioned: i) The collection of  50 apple cultivars in the nursery in Zemblak, orchards with new technology (apple, cherry etc.), ii) Cold storage rooms, Korçë, Dibër, plum drying line “KazaFrut”, juice production line “KopFrut” Dibër, cooperative “AliFrut” Korçë, iii) Testing of new varieties, vegetative rootstocks, economic study of farms, publications, books, brochures, etc., ix) Joint meetings with Ministry of Agriculture, ADAD, FERT (Kopi as a mutual structure MARDWA – FERT – ADAD). Despite the above mentioned achievements these apply to a limited number of farmers. The growing interest from farmers and the need for a fruitful development of orchards requires the distribution of these references not only within regions but also at national level. These are some elements of the arboriculture in the country.

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SARED- 2015

ADAD has implemented the project for 5 initiatives and 14 groups: in the region of Korca for 8 groups Borsh/Bilisht, Zemblak; Zvezde, Bulgarec Qatrom/Mollaj and Qafzez/Kolonjë, Cangonjë and Vranisht, 3 groups of Dibër; Ushtelenxe, Tomin and Kastriot; 3 groups of Kukes: Koder Lumë, Tregtan and Golaj. This project is supported by the project SARED for the program “Support to Agriculture and Rural Economic Develop­ment in Disadvantaged Mountainous Areas” on the activities of capacity building in the value chain of fruit and nuts;

The result of this project was the organization of 14 groups with 210 members, the signing of memorandums for each group with ADAD Malore to work together in the framework of the SARED project and development project proposals for a plan of actions to increase the capacities and activity groups, for a period of 2 years from 2016 to 2017.

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ADAD – UBT -2010-2015

We conducted the study for “bringing the vegetative apple rootstocks in different pedo-climatic conditions in our country.” The study was conducted in the cold areas of apple cultivation as in Korca, Dibra, and Kukës and in the low coastal area of Lushnja, where Apple has taken a spill in the last 10 years. The specialist of ADAD together with lecturers of the Department of Horticulture – AUT have defined the appropriate apple rootstocks according to climatic areas of our country. Currently we orient producers to choose vegetative apple rootstocks adapted to the climatic conditions of the area, preceding the development of apple with applied scientific basis.

MADA – 2014

Training of young people in the districts of Dibra and Kukes for postharvest aspects of fruits: collection, storage under suitable conditions, processing and marketing of their fruit. In this project were involved over 110 youth from Dibra and Has, which achieved the experience and techniques to serve to their farms in terms of production, storage and processing of fruit. After periodic training for a period of two months, all young people were equipped with the Certificate issued by ADAD Malore and MADA.

Highlands Initiative II-2009-2012

In the implementation of the common program IM, MADA-FERT, 2004-2006, ADAD played a very important role in providing the scheme of organization and operation.

There has been progress in both aspects on the one hand enhancing the ADAD and scope of its activities in three counties Dibra, Korca, Kukes, which have consolidated groups of producers in the area of orchards, nursery, cereal, vineyard and beekeeping, and in turn increases production capacity by introducing new technology, increasing productivity and income, training of producers and specialists, establishment of the network of references, and offering private technical advice to the orchards groups in Dibra and Korça.

DAI/USAID – 2012Study visit for arboriculture in France, farmers’ group in Korça 2012

Training in the region of Lot de Garonne in France, for a group of orchard farmers from Korca for services in their orchards and especially the flowers and fruit thinning. ADAD organize the escort of the group in France and today these are the leading producers and members of ADAD.

The group consisted of 12 people, 10 producers and two specialists of DAI and ADAD. The study visit took place in May, just in the period coinciding with chemical thinning on apple. For this ADAD developed a program for the study visit, and mobilize the known French specialist Patrick Heinemann. For farmers it was an effective study week in the acquisition of new knowledge and best practices for conducting services in orchards, or for the entire production cycle of fruit, from the nursery to the market. Producers were especially introduced to new techniques for cultivation of apple; practice of chemical thinning of apple organic cultivation techniques for apple, new varieties and their perspectives. At the end of the visit farmers appreciated the visit and expressed their commitment to jointly address issues of technical assistance for production and marketing of fruit.

Council of the qark of shkodra and regional employment office Shkoder, for the formalization of employment in Shkodra

Project title: Preparation and marketing of red plantain juice – HARTIÇ 2012

This project is supported by the Regional Council of Shkodra (KQSH) and the Regional Employment Office Shkoder to award grants for the implementation of measures and services for promotion and formalization of employment in the region of Shkodra. The main objective of the project; Strengthening economic and agricultural activity and the formalization of employment of young people and families in communes of Gruemire and Shkrel. The area of intervention was in villages of the commune of Shkrel and Gruemire and target groups were: i) group of 20 young people and farmers that collect medicinal plants in the commune of Shkrel, ii) group of 20 farmers, women and families members that perform their services, iii) 10 families with 20 people, which collect, process and trade red juniper juice. In order to achieve these objectives ADAD has successfully implemented the project activities. Raising the HARDIÇ production line and the production of 10 000 liters Hardiç with logo and label “HARDIÇ” administered by the Reçi productive Association.

The formalization of employment of 30 persons, 16 of them young people aged 15-18 years old, provision of a practical manual, the establishment of trade relations between the collectors and traders, presentation of the product with the logo of the area, increasing market demand for the products of the area (Hardiç), cooperation with the Qark of Shkoder and association “RECI productive”, were among the main achievements of this project

YEM Project / ILO – TEP Kukës 2011

This project is supported by Youth employment program in the region of Kukës (TEP), a program funded by YEM Project / ILO.

The aim of the project: To formalize and generate employment by supporting families in the region of Has through the creation of a network of producers for cultivation of apple.ADAD has implemented the project within (TEP) and has organized the following activities;

  • Promoting the application scheme in the defined area, assessment of applications and selection of beneficiaries together with DB Kukes, and planting of 2 ha with apple;
  • Assisting farmers to set up a common interest group, including in FFQ Kukes;

–          Accompanied the farm activity of beneficiaries from the TEP scheme and pursued a work plan on interventions by objectives;

  • Specialized expertise for selected farmers for the cultivation of apple, recommendations, technical assistance for farm management, including system mechanization, irrigation for intensive cultivation of apple;
  • Supported the beneficiaries to become part of Farmers Federation in the Region of Kukës;
  • Trained the new members of beneficiary families to contribute to their families.

Implementation of this project is successful, because forecasted indicators were achieved as for planting of 2 ha of apple with new technology (with 2,250 trees/ha), and 10 families with 2 members to be self-employed in their farms. Formalization of employment is made for 20 people who are included in the social insurance schemes. It set up the network of 15 farmers (10 beneficiaries from TEP and 5 others from national schemes) dealing with the cultivation of fruit trees and have become members of FFQK (Farmers Forum of in the Region of Kukes). Also there was a fruitful cooperation between ADAD, Council of Qark of Kukes, DB Kukës and FFQK.

SNV/PROMALI -2010-2012

Training of farmers in Zemblak, Korçë for new technology of apple cultivation and increasing the number of apple cultivars.

We have conducted a program for the establishment of the mother orchard with 50 apple varieties domestic and some new brought from France.

Have established a mother orchard of 0.5 ha with 35 new cultivars from France, 9 traditional varieties and 6 autochthone. Next we have tested new varieties considered the best and most appropriate for our country in order to be competitive in the global market.

ADAD has conducted trainings with the group of the nursery in Zemblak, with farmers in Korçë in order to equip them with the new technics of seedling production.


We have implemented a contract with Agriterra in 2009 for the transfer of new technology in fruit-growing in the region of Dibra. This project involved training and exchanges of experiences between orchard farmers.

Objective: Strengthening of production activity regarding postharvest aspects.

Actions performed; i) Invigoration of group activities, ii) technical assistance, iii) formation, exchanges, iv) Information sharing,  v) agriculture inputs supplying.

Implementation of this contract by ADAD has had a very positive impact in the activity of producers, whether in terms of technical training, as well as that of input supplying and has influenced the improvement of management of production. The actions taken have improved the activity and revenues of farmers. By providing technical assistance, formations (training and exchanges in France and in the country) and agricultural inputs we have achieved: i) increase in the quality of the fruits and the yield by 20-50% in the apple ii) reduction of production costs by 10-15 % and price increase by 25-30%, iii) packaged over 2,000 quintals of apple or about 15% of fruit and apple and stored about 700 quintal, iv) in Dibra were processed 250 quintal fruits (120 quintal and apple and 130 quintal plum) and are produced and bottled around 6,000 liters of apple juice and some 2,500 liters of raki of plum, v) in the implementation of the project were involved over 1,000 farmers (500 in fruit growing  and 500 on wheat production vi) Over 1,000 farmers were informed, distributing 8 technical brochures, vii) 50 farmers have directly benefited have directly benefited t material base (in nurseries, in marketing, in seeds etc.)


ADAD Malore has been tested for more than five years two new apple varieties – Gala and Fuji and has presented all the technical files to the SESS and has registered them to the Albanian catalog. These two varieties are registered and farmers can plant and trade them in the Albanian market and beyond.

ADAD/Fert together with SESS has tested 33 new varieties of French wheat in the regions Dibra, Korça, Lushnja and Fushe-Kruja. These varieties are registered in the Albanian catalog varieties with very high indicator, while varieties Soissons and Apache, are multiplied and used for sowing in wide production.

The whole genetic basis of new varieties of apple, pear, plum, cherry and vegetative rootstocks of apple, pear and quince, is brought from France for nurseries in Dibra and Korca, with the permission and support of the SESS. ADAD has always supported farmers to introduce new genetic basis, and has simultaneously pursued certification procedures for seedlings and seeds.


 MADA 2008


ADAD Malore has made the study of two SIPs (Strategic Investment Programme) for orchards and vineyards in the Dibra region. We realized an interviewing process with all stakeholders in Dibra including; producers, processors, collectors, traders, specialists, heads of institutions, etc. After interviewing process we organized meetings with stakeholders in order to assess the situation and resources for the development of orchards and vineyards in the district of Dibra. We published two SIPs of fruit and grapes of Dibra, who served as a guide for the development of orchards and vineyards in the Dibra region.


The Joint Program Mountain Initiative (MI), MADA-FERT 2004-2007 had intended the introduction and transferee of the new technology in orchards and vineyards. This program has been investing in building new orchard and vineyards, at the same time training the producers and specialists. This program is supported financially by MADA-FERT and some contributions from farmers. ADAD Malore played an important role in the implementation of this program. There has been progress in both aspects on the one hand enhancing the ADAD Malore scope of its activities in three counties Dibra, Korca, Kukes, where are consolidated groups of producers in the area of orchards, nursery, cereal, vineyard and on the other hand increased production capacity through training of producers and specialists, establishment of the network of references in fruit-growing and setting the private technical advice for the orchards groups in Dibra and Korça, and introduction of new technology, which has led to increased yields, production and income.

The collaboration worked within MI, a joint program of MADA/FERT for the introduction of new technology in orchards and vineyards which consisted of:

  • Domestic and foreign expertize, trainings and technical advice.
  • Supply of seedlings, vegetative rootstocks and new cultivars of apple, cherry and plum.
  • Establishment of 40 intensive orchards of apple and plum in axe crown in Dibra, Korca, and Kukes.
  • Planting of 1 ha pilot vineyard in Mat and Diber.
  • Capacity building for 500 farmers and specialists through trainings, exchanges and direct assistance in orchards.

ASP-AGRICULTURE SERVIS PROGRAME 2007-2008 (Agriculture program of World Bank)

ADAD applied in 2007 and received 2 projects for 2 producers groups: in Has was planted the 1st apple orchard of 1 ha with new technology (high density and axe crown) and in Dibra the 1st cold room for fruits storing. Both project were successful and sustainable and today serve as models for other farmers.

 DRINI – 1995-2003

A French – Albanian cooperation program for the development of the agricultural economy of Dibra. The first contact of FERT in Albania was made in 1994 in the district of Dibra, where they become familiar with the situation, needs and requirements of farmers. On this basis in 1995 began a plan of actions to support the initiatives of the producers initially in the communes of Kalaja e Dodës and Sllovë and continued with ADAD since 1996 by expanding the activity in the regions of Korca, Kukes, Shkodra, etc.

FERT has supported ADAD with methods, agriculture inputs (seeds, seedlings, and agriculture machineries), and genetic basis in fruit-growing (vegetative rootstocks and new cultivars), wheat (new wheat cultivars for reproduction); all these were realized through:

  • A technical staff for assistance, coordination and process development.
  • Missions and direct assistance by FERT with specialists according to the topics and exchanges between producers in Albania and abroad (France).
  • Promotion and strengthening of ADAD’s role in relation to public institutions.
  • Financial assistance.

The main achievement:

  • Establishment of ADAD in 1996, where adhered 100 members structured into 7 groups based on their activities. The most important activities was (and still are) fruit-growing, wheat, vegetables etc.
  • Opening of 1st ADAD office in 1999 in Peshkopi, with a staff of 2 people.

Improvement of farmers’ activity and increase of their socio-economic level