Apple nutrition management

In the framework of the SARED project, Adad Malore organized during April 2017 training with VC-Korce groups, dealing with apple cultivation. The training theme addressed the […]

Dibër; 4-5 August 2016, trainings with the groups VC – SARED Diber

Training with 3 groups (CD) Dibӫr on the topic “green pruning and pre-harvest services for apple” with the participation of the expert Dr. Hafuz Domi. The […]

Korçë; 11-15 July 2016; SARED

Training for eight groups (CD) Korce on “green pruning and crown formation in apple tree”, with the participation of the expert Dr. Hafuz Domi. Training was […]

Kukës; 26-27 June 2016; SARED Project

For VC fruit&nut in the Kukes region are carried out training with three groups (Tregtan, Golaj, K. Lume) with the topic: “Green pruning and formation of […]

31 May – 7 June 2016: The mission of Patrick Heineman a French expert for fruit-growing

The specialist Patrick Heinemann, supported by the French Embassy and ADAD Malore has realized a mission for fruit-growing in the Regions of  Korca, Dibra, and Kukes. […]