Current Projects/Programs


Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Blendi Cuci on the apple market

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Bledi Cuci and the Deputy Minister, Mr. Dhimiter Kote, received at the meeting a group of producers / collectors of Korca […]

17-26 May 2015; The mission of Patrick Heineman a French expert for fruit-growing

The mission of Patrick Heinemann was conducted by ADAD in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture, and supported by the French Embassy. The mission was conducted in […]

9-16 Maj 2014; Misioni i eksperit francez z. Patrik Heineman

Since 10 years Patrick Heinemann has followed the fruit-growing groups in ADAD level, but even  beyond, he has found a spirit of cooperation and understanding in […]

SARED- 2016-2017

Summary of the SARED project implementation  (15 May – 15 July 2016) VC-Fruits&nuts, Groups CD; Korçë, Dibër, Kukës During project implementation ADAD Malore, aims besides training/demonstrations, […]

ESFIM 2016-2017

Project: “Local products in the region of Kukës” Objective: Launch of the study/project and research For the implementation of the project ESFIM, in 26 July 2016 […]