Kukes: During the first part of November 2017, trainings were organized from Adad Malore coordinated by Mr. Dritan Tahiraj – Coordinator of the Sared Kukes Project. The topic of the training was “Integrated Pest Management and Negative Effects of Pesticide Residues (MRLs) on Agricultural Products and in particular Fruits” with the three Kukes groups (K. Lume, Tregtan and Golaj) organized by facilitators along with extensionists Sheriff Visha and Rifat Mulaj We emphasize that the meetings were attended by the Head of the Advisory Service Mr. Qemal Memishi and the Head of DB Has Mr. Sadik Xhafa. In these trainings was important the intervention of the expert Dr. Benard Limani Adad Malore expert. very important was the intervention of ADAD Mountain experts on issues of Global GAP Certification, marketing and organization of producers and market, as well as autumn services in the orchads.