Tirane, 22 November 2012; Conference on apple varieties

At the premised of Tirana International hotel was organized the seminar by ADAD Malore and ProMali with the theme: “To achieve a competitive structure of apple varieties in the country and to spread new varieties in the Korca region and our country.” The meeting was attended and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Ndoc Fasllia, the Director Ms.Elvana Zhezha, President of ADAD Malore Ramazan Kaza. The main speech was held by Mr. Hafuz Domi, Executive Director of ADAD Malore. In this meeting was promoted the book on “new apple varieties” by Domi Hafuz supported by ProMali. Also ADAD Malore in collavoration with ProMali provided to the Ministry of Agriculture “Recommendations for the introduction and spread of new apple varieties” to precede the future