Tirana, 6 May 2015, OPCA


At the Hotel Tirana, was organized a meeting on the advancement of OPCA Programme, where were present by the Prime Minister Adviser for Agriculture Mr. Alban Kovaci, Dibra’s MP Mr.Ulsi Manja, Deputy President of FERT Mr. Christoph Terrain, Andre Pinatel President of PACA, Jean Charles Derongs and Anne Lheriau from FERT, farmers, trade organizations and other stakeholders. Mr. Hafuz Domi Executide Director of ADAD Malore presented the situation in fruit-growing in the country and ADAD level, where he highlighted the problems and achievements throughout the value chain of arboriculture. As a challenge for the future it was deemed the establishment and strengthening of the value chain in the arboriculture, where references raised in technology transfer, collaboration and consultation with stakeholders, shall serve to take responsibility for establishing fruit-growing value chain in the country. The experience and expertise of French actors (Fert, Chamber of Agriculture Paca,) is very necessary for organizations (such as ADAD Malore), that under the public-private partnership, to provide qualitative services for the permanent development of the fruit-growing value chain.

Tirane, 30 January 2015; round table «Implementation of OPCA 2012-2015».


In the meeting was present Mr. Arben Kipi Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Hubert Le Forestier, Head of Economic cooperation at the French Embassy in Tirana, Jean Charles Derongs, FERT, Bethold Wohlleber, SARED project, Mada, agribusiness representatives, etc. ADAD Malore presented the results of OPCA, functions that has managed to develop in the value chain of fruit-growing and establishing good relations with the Ministry of Agriculture and other agricultural programs.  The president of ADAD Malore Mr. Ramazan Kaza spoke about the objectives of OPCA, while the Executive Director Mr. Hafuz Domi referred to OPCA program achievements and actions. Mr. Arben Kipi said that fruit-growing is a priority and the demand for assistance from ADAD Malore is very high. Mr. Hubert Le Forestier evaluated achievements and expressed support from the French Embassy in the future ADAD Malore. Jean Charles Derongs mentioned the benefit from the experience of France Agrimer and Agricultural Chamber-PACA on the role and responsibilities of various actors around the value chain that is very important for fruit-growing. On the occasion of this meeting was signed a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and ADAD Malore for the implementation of the supporting program in the organization of producers and value chains.

Tirane, 22 November 2012; Conference on apple varieties

3At the premised of Tirana International hotel was organized the seminar by ADAD Malore and ProMali with the theme: “To achieve a competitive structure of apple varieties in the country and to spread new varieties in the Korca region and our country.” The meeting was attended and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Ndoc Fasllia, the Director Ms.Elvana Zhezha, President of ADAD Malore Ramazan Kaza. The main speech was held by Mr. Hafuz Domi, Executive Director of ADAD Malore. In this meeting was promoted the book on “new apple varieties” by Domi Hafuz supported by ProMali. Also ADAD Malore in collavoration with ProMali provided to the Ministry of Agriculture “Recommendations for the introduction and spread of new apple varieties” to precede the future

Voskopoja 31 October 2012, the balance of the DE project 2007-2012 in Voskopoja


At the Hotel Akademia in Voskopojë was held the meeting for the DE project in Voskopoja with the theme: “The Balance 2007-2012 for the integrated development of the territory of Voskopoja. In the meeting was present DE project repsresentative, Mr. Stefano Calabretta, Jean Charles Derongs – FERT, Mayor of Voskopoje Mr. Nexhip Bacelli, Chairman of the Qark Council in Korça Mr. Landi Gushi, representatives of the prefecture, DB Korçë, DMK Korçë, Fan. S. Noli University, Voskopoja Renaissance, FZM Korce, GIZ, ProMali, DMO, representatives of ADAD Malore, residents of Voskopoja, tourism, agriculture, and heritage actors operating in Voskopje, etc. The Executive Director of ADAD Malore Mr. Domi Hafuz, made a five-year balance of the project, objectives, actions and achievements in three sectors of agriculture, tourism and heritage, where revenues increased by 75% at the end of the fifth year of the project. By all stakeholders and especially by Stefano Calabretta and Qark of Korça, the project was deemed successful and dynamic and Voskopoja represents dynamic and sustainable development. At the end of the meeting, Mayor of Voskopoja, the European Delegation and FERT were awarded with gratitude certificates. The event was followed by a festive lunch.

Tirana, 12 April 2012: Seminar “The performance of arboriculture, olive and nuts value chains”


In this meeting were present Ms. Christine Moreau the French ambassador, Deputy  Minister of Agriculture Ndoc Fasllia, Valdete Vorpsi advisor of the Prime Minister, the FERT President Hendri de Benoist, Director of FERT Anne Panel, Jean Charles Derongs, Franc Agriemer, representatives of agricultural programs, ADAD farmers, etc. There was a wide participation of more than 50 people. The objective of the seminar was: To promote coordination of all actors for the harmonization of actions foin order to ensure the performance of the fruits value chain. After the speech by the representative of the abovementioned institutions and agreement was signed signed between actors (Ministry of Agriculture, the French Embassy, FERT, FrancAgrimer and ADAD). It was concluded that except achievements (evolution of the group farms), there are things that cannot be achieved without the Government support through various programs – this applies to producers in order to produce and compete in the market whether in terms of production, processing and trading. Our achievements should be replicated to other groups. ADAD is able to administer the fruit-growing value chain because we have the professional competence, methods and elements such as innovation, technical assistance, training, references, studies, accompaniment during the production, post-harvest, market etc.

Tirana, 4 June, 2011; a conference organized by ADAD Malore and Ministry of Agriculture


In Rinas was held the meeting of ADAD Malore with the participation of Presisdent of FNESA France Mr. Xavier Belait, DE representative in Tirana, Mr. François Begeaut, Jean Charles Derongs – FERT, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture. ADAD Malore as an actor in the development of fruit growing discussed the achievements in fruit-growing sector in the regions of Korca, Dibra, Kukes and beyond. In this meeting two were the most important actions; i) distribution of techno-economic references achieved in fruit growing, ii) the issue of unionization in agriculture, because our country is not organized, so we need the cooperation of farmers and ADAD Malore with other organizations and other stakeholders to organize this actions. In this case there was organized a visit to the orchard of A. Budlla in Rinas.

 Aktivitete 2000-2010

Tirana, 3 December 2009; Seedlings quality is the base for a dynamic and rentable arboriculture

This workshop represents an evaluation and communication action of ADAD’s agricultural program and le  d for several years by FERT in fruit-growing. The objective consisted in assessing the achievements and current problems in the production of seedlings in nurseries in the country. In the meeting were discussed the following topics: fruits seedlings production trends and fruit-growing as a national priority, a Franco-Albanian axis of cooperation (intervention: Tatjana Dishnica, Ministry of Agriculture and Ljiljana ISAKAJ coordinator of ADAD), the results in nursery (Shkelqim Mullalli – Nursery Zemblak Korce), for analyzing the actions performed by ADAD (Hafuz DOMI, Director of ADAD) for financial support presented by MADA (Fatmir Voci, MADA), the associated dynamics and accompanying groups (Gezim XHIXHA, extension service director MARDWA). At the end of the workshop recommendations (Hafuz DOMI, director of ADAD) and in perspective, ADAD will take the contacts of the actors involved in the debate to discuss the precise areas of intervention and nurseries as the base of orchards.

Tirana, me 26 November, 2008; Seminar for arboriculture

This seminar represents an evaluation and communication action of the Programme “Mountain Initiative” led since 2003 by FERT with financial support from the French Embassy and MADA. Its objectives have been: i) to present the results achieved in fruit growing, ii) to identify new ways and prioritize and set the working modalities for a new phase. Farmers are a real force for the development of fruit-growing which requires attention and experience in arboriculture. IM-Fert-MADA an effective support for Arboriculture. ADAD’s real role as an important actor in the fruitgrowing value chain and a partener to improve performance in fruit growing. In these conditions, the process of development of fruit-growing will be supported on one side on regional platforms, revival, accompany these regional platforms and on the other side on the dynamic role that ADAD and its groups will play in terms of the advice, assistance, developing projects for its members, but at the same time lobbying for this actions.

Korça, 28 June 2007 Seminar toward the professional and economic organization of producers”.

 The Programme Mountain Initiative, MADA-FERT, 2004-2006 is implemented by ADAD. During the implementation of this program ADAD has achieved progress in both aspects on the one hand enhancing the ADAD and scope of its activities in three counties Dibra, Korca, Kukes, where are consolidated groups of producers in the sector of orchards, nursery, grain, vineyard, beekeeping and on the other hand increase of production capacity by introducing new technology, increasing productivity and income, training of producers and specialists, establishment of the network of references in orchards and establishing of private technical advice for groups of orchards in Dibra and Korca. Some results: 4 nurseries in Korca and Dibra produce around 120 thousand seedlings per year, 40 intensive orchards and 10 pilot vineyards were established in Korça and Dibra, over 500 farmers and specilalists are trained etc. Based on the balance IM, I, achievements, problems, projects and priorities that represent farmers in the three counties is necessary the continuation of cooperation between MADA and FERT for a future period with a support program entitled “Mountain Initiative II”, which includes farmers and specialists.

Korça, 14 July 2006; The development of orchards the first priority in the region of Korça 

In the frame of the Program Mountain Initiative was organized by the DBU Korce, ADAD and MADA the meeting to support the development of orchards in the region of Korca. The meeting was attended by Mr. Adrian Maho Director DBU Korce, from MADA Mr. Roland BARDHI, from FERT Mr. Jean Charles DERONGS, Patrick Heinemann, farmers and specialists. For the implementation of the country program initiatives implemented by ADAD spoke Mr. Hafuz Domi, where among others spoke of the actions for the introduction and transferee of the new technology in Orchards, which consisted on one hand in the strengthening the genetic based nurseries and new varieties in apples, cherries, etc. raising orchard pilot and on the other hand formation and training of the farmers and specialists for new techniques in establishing and managing orchards with new technology. In conclusion, although the encouraging achievement, yet the cooperation amond actors should be higher.

Korça, 18 November 2005; Seminar – The cooperation among farmers a must for the development of agriculture

The seminar was attended by the Mayor Femi Xhemo, FERT Director Michel Mollard, Jean Charles Derongs, Director of Mada Z.B. Korsita, Mr. Osman Hoxha – Department of Science of MARDWA, Director of DB Korce, farmers and specialist of Korca, Dibra and Kukes. Hafuz Domi, Director of ADAD talked about activities that have led to the improvement and enhancement of the activity of nurseries in Korca, Dibra, Mat, raising orchards Pilot in Erseke, Korca, Dibra and Has and dissemination of new techniques through training in the country and France. The farmer Ferdinand Ali spoke for the advantage of applying this French technique in fruit-growing guiding the tree to production and not to vegetative growth. In conclusion it was estimated that FERT-MADA cooperation with advisory services is important for the progress of the producers. The manner of carrying out their actions lead to the development, improvement of techniques lead to the improvement of production. The first results received from producers who have implemented new techniques in existing orchards and the pilot orchards are encouraging and should be carried forward

Korça, 17 November 2005; A seminar for the writing of the strategic plan of Voskopoja

 The Mayor Nexhip Bacelli opened the workshop and thanked the participants, their guests, and PSF and FERT for their cooperation. At the same time he greeted the work done by the technical group to develop a strategic plan. The working group consisting of: Hafuz Domi Ljiljana Isakaj, Kozeta Hoxha and Thomas Jullien presented in 4 parts the draft of the strategic plan based on the IDPA method.  FERT Director Mr. Michel Mollard, expressed satisfaction for collaborating with a mountainous country where people are characterized by endless energy. From the technical group were discussed the concrete ways of development of the seminar, discussion and synthesis that will take place in the round tables. In general, all actors expressed appreciation for the draft and workshop as an achievement that is not done in other communes of the region of Korca. Mireille Smeets-agreed with the FERT Director thoughts. The President of PSF Béatrice thanked for the work done ans said that PSF will continue its collaboration for the development of Voskopoja. We determined the conclusion of the steps for the publication of the Strategic Plan and the drafting of a project for the DE.

Peshkopi, 14-15 November 2003; National seminar

In Peshkopi was organized the national seminar with the theme “the role of producers and producer organizations on the development of agricultural economy.” In this meeting were present FERT Director Michel Mollard, Jean Charles Derongs, Director of External Relations at the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Methane Sali, Director of Mada Mr. Artur Galanaxhi, directors of DB Korce, Kukes and Dibra, farmers and specialist of Dibra, Korca and Kukes. After the meeting in the hall, there were meetings at ADAD members to orchards and nurseries. This seminar was important because confirmed the role of ADAD in the development of agriculture and gave the opportunity to extend and two other regions in Korca and Kukes. Also was formalized the agreement of cooperation between MADA-FERT and ADAD in order to continue with joint actions in three regions Dibra, Korca, Kukes and beyond.