Korçë; 30 Qershor – 2 Korrik 2016: OPCA

Technical assistance mission on the field with 8 groups in Korça, for the services in the orchards in the next months. The expert Dr. Domi Hafuz, accompanied by ADAD Malore specialists in Korça have organised meetings with the farmers, farmers’ groups, visits and advices in Qatrom, Polene, Dvoran, Bulgarec Verlne, Hocisht Vranisht, Cangonjë and Zemblak. For every case, is made the assessment of the orchard for vegetative development, phytosanitary state, production loads etc. Advices were given about the green pruning, irrigation, foliar manure with calcium fertilizers. Special advices were given for the manure of new orchards with DAP (18 N, 46 P2O5) for combating cherry gomose for cleaning the infected parts and coating with copper preparations. In the frame trainings all deciced to have a study visit to Greece in September 2016.